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Template Not Active

I am having trouble setting up my new Mega Construction Pro website using the theme templates. I am able to see and Edit each section under Theme Settings but I am unable to see the page layouts or make them active. The homepage is set to static and I am able to edit the slider and header but nothing else seems to show any template options. I am also not seeing any theme images in my media library. I am not a new Wordpress user and I have the plug ins Mega Construction Pro Posttype and Gallery Images installed and active. Is there a step I'm missing to make those sections visible or active?


Maggie Overby


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Are the images not uploading??

Which page layouts you are referring to??

Kindly elaborate on the issue so that we could provide you with a solution.

Thank You


I am having the same issue that Maggie mentioned above.  I can edit all the sections of the template in the Theme editor, however only the Slider and header and footer sections show up.  The "about", "our services", "latest projects", etc. sections do not show up in the editor preview or on my site.  See attached picture.  These are the only sections that show up regardless of the other sections that I edit.

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Kindly provide us the Site URL to review so that we could provide you a solution.


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We have sent you an email please check it out and response us.

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