4 Incredible WordPress Website Elements For Every Business

In this era, having an online business presence is beneficial to boost business productivity. Before doing business with any company, people prefer to get information about the company over the internet. In case you do not have your website, the potential customers might move to your competitors’ site. Thus, it becomes very important for you to create a professional business website. It largely depends on the features of your website how much the visitors are going to approach you. You cannot attract customers without letting them know what you deal in or giving them a way to contact you. You might get surprised to know that there are many websites that do not put such information on their websites. This article post covers the different WordPress website elements required for the top class WordPress website.

Top 4 elements of a professional Business WordPress Website

Your professional website is the face of your business that displays what your company does. An engaging and well-performing website attracts potential customers. You need to include the following information on your business website –

  • What you deal with, what are your products and services
  • What have you worked on, your previous projects
  • Who all are on your team, and what roles do they contribute in
  • What are the ways to contact you

For now, let’s focus on basic elements-

Top quality Business WordPress Theme

Businessm Theme
Responsive Business Premium Theme

Out of all the WordPress website elements, a professional business theme tops the list. You can easily make highly functional business websites with WordPress themes. It has been possible with the availability of pre-built layouts and other strong features. Themes are available for almost every business field and there are many options that suit your requirements. Choose a theme that is tailored to suit your business niche. Those themes have your business-specific features. For instance, a Hospital WordPress theme will have the appointment booking functionality. So, you see you need to pick a theme that best showcases your business offerings.

Overview of your business offerings

The list of WordPress website elements is incomplete without covering your business products and services. Once you are done with setting up the theme, let the visitors know what your business is all about. You need to display your services and how beneficial are they for your clients. You need to take care that you are promoting your business in such a way that convinces the visitors and make them try your products and services. There are many ways you can do so and ThemesGlance themes allow you to add your business story on the About page.

Who are all on your team?


Your site should be built on a quality business theme that displays sufficient information about your business. Now, you need to display some information about your team who strive hard for your company. If yours is a one or two-man company, it’s good to add their faces on your site and let people know about them. Though it’s a little information, it proves out really helpful in building trust among customers. ThemesGlance WordPress themes have a segment purely dedicated to displaying the team members of your business.

A way to keep in touch with you

contact us page
After giving information about your services and your dedicated workmates to your customers, you need to ensure that they contact you. And what else could be better than a dedicated contact form? It’s an easy process to add a contact form to make your website a real success.

Wrapping up

A business website is not only about your online existence but also is a resource to attract buyers to your business. The well-thought and essential WordPress website elements tell visitors about your professionalism and seriousness regarding your business. To create a stunning business website, you should incorporate the above essential elements in your WordPress website. ThemesGlance WordPress themes consist of all the above elements in a beautiful manner covering the essential information you want to display.

10 Important Properties A Business WP Theme Should Have

Business Theme
WP Buisness Theme by ThemesGlance

WordPress is being thought of just a blogging platform whereas it is also a great Content Management System that does a lot more than blogging. It can be used to build blogs and different kinds of websites such as online stores, article directories, etc. Even for small businesses, profitable websites can be easily created using WordPress. As a lot of people are using WordPress for their business, business WP theme is highly in demand. We know what is required to build a strong business website. And it takes quite a lot of efforts to form an effective online business presence. This article post covers some of the important properties of an excellent Business WP Theme.

Professional looking theme

In any WordPress theme or website, the design and look are very important as they create the first impression on your website visitors. To build your small business website, you would require a strong and professional Business WP Theme. A theme with professional look and design brings benefits with respect to your business image and conversion rates. If people find your website a mere crap, they won’t show any interest in taking your products and services. For example – All the ThemesGlance WordPress Themes are professionally designed.

Theme with Featured Slider

Featured slider

Nowadays, a featured slider is beautifully added in every Business WP Theme. The slider can be “nivo” type or carousel type. Such sliders are effective in showcasing your business products/services, and portfolio in an attractive way. Sliders look amazing and are highly efficient in grabbing the attention of people towards your products, services, and business offerings.

Contact Form with Validation

Contact Form
To create contact forms, there are many plugins available, but if you wish to build a stunning theme, insert your own contact form into the theme. Contact forms have their own significance in making an interaction with you and your customers and solving their queries. If the contact form is not proper, you may lose potential customers. An excellent Business WP Theme gives the option to add a contact form and also it features contact form. Furthermore, contact form with validation is important. Of course, who has the time to filter out the spam email in a busy working schedule?

Testimonial Section

testimonial section

Testimonials and feedbacks are always looked at while purchasing any WordPress theme. Testimonials tell the plus points as well as the drawbacks of a theme. Thus, we see that some kind of testimonial widgets must be provided in a Business WP Theme where the user can display customer reviews about the product. It would be an added advantage if the user is able to access the testimonials from the WordPress theme panel. To get best results, keep the testimonial section on the homepage and make sure that it is strong enough to turn website visitors into potential customers.

WordPress Theme Customizer

WordPress Theme Customizer

A WordPress Customizer is the simplest and most convenient way to make customizations in your theme and make your site stand out from your business competitors. WordPress Theme Customizer offers a variety of customization options such as page layout options, color schemes, business logo, editing the images, etc. Moreover, you can easily make modifications to your site through the available design options and make it look stunning.



Oftentimes, the WordPress theme buyers are not sound with the CSS and HTML codes. Hence, it becomes essential to build user-friendly WordPress themes so that even a novice can find it easy to customize. When we talk about business websites, we see a large number of call to action buttons incorporated into it. Some sites feature testimonial section on different pages, form image galleries, create blog section, display tabbed content, and a lot more. Thus, usage of several shortcodes in the web pages becomes essential to simplify the work in any Business WP theme.

Color Options

Color palette in WordPress theme

The availability of different color schemes in a WordPress theme helps the user to decide what suits the best for their business website. With the help of color picker in a theme, you can change the color of the different elements on your WordPress website. Multiple color schemes is a great feature of a WordPress theme which benefits a lot to every business that lacks knowledge of CSS and is not in a position to hire expensive developers.

Blog Section

Blogs form an important section of any business website. The blog section is effective in captivating potential clients, displaying your skills in your business niche, bringing increased traffic through search engines, and creating your strong business identity. You can easily incorporate a blog section in your website via page template, custom posts, or the query post method.

Page templates

A portfolio template is always added to a great business WordPress theme. The portfolio template gives a way to display your business products, projects, services, business offerings, and work samples to the visitors. Furthermore, the portfolio section focuses on displaying the type of work they can deliver. The sort by and grid view of your products would be a great view to show your products to the visitors.

WordPress Theme Support

WordPress Theme Support is an essential characteristic to look for while purchasing a WordPress Theme. No matter how awesome looks and features your WordPress theme have, it may be worthless if it does not offer any support to the clients. Many times, the WordPress theme buyers are first time WordPress users. Naturally, they would require support regarding theme installation and further work. Thus, a user-friendly WordPress Theme Support is essential for the WordPress users.

Final Thoughts

While buying a WordPress Theme, make sure that it covers most of the above characteristics and make the perfect Business WP Theme for you. And why would you go anywhere else when we are here to serve you the best? ThemesGlance is a well-known name in building unique WordPress themes and templates to build stunning websites. Our collection of Premium WordPress Themes incorporates amazing features and functionalities to help you establish a great business website. Try ThemesGlance now!

Some Very Effective Methods To Sell Services Using WordPress

It’s very important to have a website if you want to sell your services. Nowadays, people are tending more to surf the web to find out new products rather than moving out to physical addresses. From such a rising trend, we may derive that if you are not able to promote your business online, you may be on the verge of losing potential customers.

A website that has a strong professional look is the backbone of a successful online business. With a CMS platform such as WordPress, you can form amazing websites even if you don’t know much about coding. You can sell services using WordPress in a number of ways.

How can WordPress sell your services?


WordPress allows you to establish your business website with tonnes of helpful features and functions on it. You can make online stores to sell digital goods, and such stores are helpful enough to offer your services online. WordPress is flexible in the following ways:

  • Its functionality is expandable. Due to the availability of plugins and scalable structure, WordPress is extremely customizable.
  • WordPress works well with multiple payment gateways. With the help of advanced plugin system, you can link WordPress with well-known payment gateways. Thus, WordPress allows you to accept almost any payment type.
  • It does not cost you much to build your site with WordPress. Setting up a WordPress website is not a costly process.
  • It offers a set of business-niche plugins such as those for appointment booking, pricing table, etc.

Practical methods to sell your services online using WordPress

You can make use of the following practical methods to sell services using WordPress. To begin with any of the following methods, you first require to set up WordPress and run it.

Pricing Tables

Pricing table

Pricing tables are beneficial for almost any service. You can market your products and services side by side with this feature. It’s helpful in giving a quick comparison about your service plans to the visitors of your website. They won’t have to invest more time in getting the information as the things will be in front of them in a single section. You can use pricing tables when you have different kinds of services for people.

Promote your services via mailing list

Mailing list
Mailing lists are helpful in keeping a database of people who have some interest in the services you offer. The more the number of people is, the more the chances will be of converting them. If they are fascinated by your service offerings, they will sign up. Mailing lists are ideal for services that are dependent on repeated customers. You can throw new offerings, such as discounts, offers for subscribers, and a lot more. A platform such as MailChimp, AWeber, etc. will be required to handle the emails and sign-ups.

Setting up an Appointment booking section

appointment booking

Any web developer that offers technical support will want to schedule consultations with people in advance. Thus, here arrives the need for online bookings. Online appointments will make you manage the customers more effectively. The Appointment scheduling forms will create a good impression on people who are hesitant about preferring emails or phone calls. To sell services using WordPress, the booking feature is a useful one that can be implemented using plugins.


If you want your business to flourish, getting it online is one of the effective ways to do so. You need to sell services using WordPress by creating a complete feature-rich website. It will establish trust among people and will tell them how serious you are about your business. Use the above tips to sell your services online through WordPress.

ThemesGlance understands the significant role of WordPress in selling business products and raising productivity. We strongly believe in providing the best solution to make sales and thus we’re offering WordPress themes for you to build great websites. Don’t wait anymore. Get our themes and start creating your own fruitful online business now.

7 Solid Ways To Update Your WordPress Website This New Year

Give a fresh look to your WordPress website this New Year. Apart from the regular tasks, you perform on your website, updating it more deeply will bring laurels to you by the end of this year. You can update your WordPress website in many ways. You just need to make sure that the things are working properly and are up-to-date. Also, major modifications might be required such as altering the targeting keywords. To help you update your WordPress website, certain strategies are covered in this article.

Make sure the things are functional and up-to-date

Your website has different elements, both small and big. Ensure that each and everything such as the features and functionality of your site is functional. For that, you need to check your entire website thoroughly. Look for the following issues:

  • Find out the themes and plugins that need updating
  • Outdated or false user details
  • Broken plugins and features
  • Outdated and missing content
  • Missing and degraded images
  • Broken links on your website
  • Style, formatting, and layout issues

Keep every content on your site organized. Lastly, don’t forget to take backup while you proceed to make the changes.

A/B Testing of pages

A/B Testing
After the site update is finished, test your website for effectiveness. You can do so through A/B testing. This testing involves the creation of two versions of a page and test which one is more effective. Let’s take an example of your homepage. Create 2 versions of the homepage with a different call to action on each. Then check which of the pages gets more traffic. Ample of tools are available to help you update your WordPress website and A/B testing serves to be one of them.

Seek audience feedback on your website

audience feedback
It would be beneficial for you to take feedback from your target audience that what are their views on your website. When working at the backend of your website, you may not know what it feels like on the user end. In order to help you update your WordPress website, it’s great to seek feedback from the regular audience of your website. Determine what the audience is interested in and what content they are looking for on your website. Identify their problems they expect your website to resolve. It’d be great to directly ask them through a poll, inquiry, survey, forum, email campaigns, etc.

Analyse competitor’s websites

competitors comparison
On the way to make improvements on your site, you lose track of the activities of your competitor’s websites. Ensure on this New Year that your website still does not lag behind your competitors’. Check how other websites are performing. You can find out this information via dedicated tools. They will give you a comparison of different terms in the form of metrics.

Analyse your own website

Google analytics report
With the help of website analyzing tools, you need to track the analytics on your WordPress website. Identify the most popular pages on your website. What all pages on your website have incredibly higher bounce rates. Determine the most engaging pages on your website. Google analytics is one of the most used website analysis tools.

Update the keywords on your website

Keywords on Google AdWords

Keywords are the vital elements of every website from the perspective of SEO. Availability of proper keywords is helpful in taking your websites at higher ranks in search engines. No matter how much keyword research you conducted when you first constructed your WordPress website, search engine volumes can change anytime. It may happen when the keywords you used are no longer targeting the audience effectively. So, spend some time to see what all keywords are inserted into your WordPress website. You can take help of a popular tool – Google Keyword Planner. Alter the underperforming keywords within your website with more strong options.

Update the existing content or create new

Fill your website with brand new content which is one of the essential ways to update your WordPress website. Your website needs to have compelling, rich, and high-quality content at all times. It helps in optimizing your website and bring it high on search engines. WordPress even offers you the option to schedule your blog posts for future.

Update your WordPress website this New Year!

Though you make changes to your website on a regular basis, it becomes quite necessary to review your site on New Year to make sure that it is working effectively. You need to thoroughly review your website, do some research work, and make some modifications. The techniques to update your website on a go:

  • Make sure everything on your website is up-to-date
  • Perform A/B testing on your website
  • Seek audience feedback about your website
  • Analyse competitor’s website
  • Analyse your own website
  • Update your website’s keywords
  • Update the existing content of your website

Strengthen Your WordPress Security In Four Super Easy Ways

WordPress is an extremely secure software that protects its websites against threats, hacks, and vulnerabilities. However, the passwords and the usernames that you keep may not always be secure. So, in order to keep your website safe from illegal access, you need to give careful consideration to WordPress security. This blog post is going to cover the importance of keeping your WordPress admin secure. Furthermore, it will cover the different ways to strengthen WordPress security.

What is the need to safeguard WordPress login screen?

WordPress Login
When we think about hacking, we usually imagine that the hackers make use of advanced tools and their magical hacking skills to break the servers. However, oftentimes the case is that the hackers enter a website by obtaining its login credentials somehow. A brute force attack and stealing the password are the two common ways by which hackers get an entry to your website. The hackers make many attempts by trying a combination of different usernames and passwords until the time they get correct credentials. They steal away the correct credentials using certain methods.

How to strengthen WordPress security?

You can strengthen the WordPress security of your website using the following methods.

  1. Whitelist the IP Addresses
  2. Whitelist IP address
    WordPress allows you to whitelist the IP address using .htaccess file
    There are some cases where only some particular IP addresses are given the access to the dashboard. We call this process as whitelisting which is very effective.

    • You can give access to your dashboard to specific people. We know that IP addresses are unique, hence, whitelisting is quite effective if your team has just a few members.
    • Whitelisting involves the insertion of a few codes to the .htaccess file. Thus, it’s an easy implementation process and straightforward.
    • IP addresses can’t be replicated. A person cannot enter your website until he is able to access the computer of your team member.

  3. Additional username and password to safeguard wp-admin directory
  4. Additional-username-and-password

    Apart from selecting who will be accessing your dashboard, you can ask for additional username and password before your dashboard even loads. You can actually form new user logins that are connected to your hosting panel rather than to WordPress. With the help of this technique, you can safeguard your dashboard at times of attack. The attackers will require determining the second set of credentials once they get access to one of the accounts of your team members. You can change the passwords at regular intervals. To add such passwords, make use of cPanel’s function i.e. Password protect the directory on the wp-admin folder. Make sure that the passwords you are using here are not similar to those you use to log into WordPress. Thus, the additional username and password act as an extra layer of security.

  5. Two-factor authentication
  6. two factor authentication
    With the help of the technique of two-factor authentication, you can add an additional verification factor to the login process. Oftentimes, it is in the form of a code that is delivered via email, or an app. The user has to enter this code along with the password to gain access to the website. This technique is safer than the password. Oftentimes, the attackers are required to gain physical access to your system to get the two-factor authentication code. You can implement this technique using a range of methods and tools.

  7. Restrict the number of login attempts by the users
  8. Wordpress login attempts
    It’s not safe for the security of your website to allow the people to make multiple attempts on the login screen. It’s more secure to restrict the number of login attempts by the users. This is helpful in preventing brute force attacks. Multiple attempts aid the hackers to identify the correct login credentials. There are some tools that let you know about the unsuccessful login attempts so that you can block those IP addresses if you want.

Wrapping up

The ways to strengthen WordPress security is not much complicated. In fact, it is very much an easy way due to the availability of WordPress security tools. You need to be clear about what all security methods you will be using on your website. The most successful way is to pay attention to your dashboard and login screen as they are on more threat by the attackers.

All the themes developed by ThemesGlance are made as per WordPress standards. Our themes are extremely secure and prevent websites from getting hacked. So, start building a secured website with our professional, multipurpose, and modern themes.

WordPress Tips Are Bound To Make An Impact On Your Business

WordPress is an amazing platform for people like us to build our own websites and blogs. The learners or WordPress beginners are always excited to replace the “Hello World” post with their own WordPress blog post. But, before proceeding with publishing the post, they need to get familiar with certain basic WordPress elements. Explore your WordPress dashboard and you will come across a lot of elements such as the screen options, editor options, menu options on the left. The basic WordPress tips for learners including the different WordPress options are very well covered in this article post.

Begin with the Post Editor

Post editor

Within the post section, a number of helpful options are present such as options to format posts, post publish settings, featured images, etc. Using the publish option, you can schedule posts for a particular time and date. With the help of visibility option, you can manage who will be viewing your blog post. Usually, this option is kept public which means anybody can view the post. However, you can limit its viewing by setting it password-protected or keeping the private option active. Using the sticky option, you can make that particular post appear on top of all other blog posts. While drafting a post, you make ‘n’ number of modifications, turning your post into different versions. Thus, using the Revisions option, you can access the different post versions and replace the one you want to.

Format section
The Format section below the Publish section will enable you to differently style your blog post into multiple formats. The different options could be Standard, Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, Gallery, Status, Audio, and Chat. The Featured image section displays the thumbnail image on the main blog page. You need to upload a new image or choose the one that is already available in your media library. While adding the images, add image title and the Alt text to aid the search by web visitors.

Categories and Tags Section

Categories and Tags
The categories and tags are generally used to group the content and help readers to easily browse through your website and get the relevant information. Categories classify the blogs into certain groups and are generally defined according to the content. Tags are the specific information that is relevant to the blog post. For example, a health blog could have tags such as health, health benefits, health issues, etc.

Visual Text Editor

Visual text editor
Out of all the WordPress tips, the visual text editor plays an important part in formatting the content to be displayed on your website. The visual editor offers different options to make your work streamlined and easy. It shows an “X” like icon through which you can enter into a distraction-free writing mode. It makes the headers and the side panels invisible, thus, giving a plain, clean area to write your blog post on. The kitchen sink button displays all the toolbar options. The “?” symbol will show a set of keyboard shortcuts in a popup form.

Inserting Links

add link
To insert links in your blog posts, select the particular text, click the Link icon. It will show a small rectangular space where you have to paste the URL. In this way, the text will be automatically linked redirecting to that particular address. To embed tweets and videos, you can simply copy and paste the URLs. The different internal links on your website encourage the users to stay on your website for a longer time.

The quick edit option allows you to do editing in the title, slug, date, author, categories, etc.

Screen Options

Screen Options
The list of WordPress tips does not get completed without covering the screen options. You can customize the WordPress dashboard and its different screens through the multiple screen options available at the top right corner of the dashboard. From this section, you can manage the different elements you want to display on every screen.

Logout anywhere

Log out
You can access your WordPress website from any device anywhere. Sometimes it may happen that you forget and does not log out of your website dashboard. No matter where you are if you remember to log out, switch into your dashboard from any available device and log out easily.

Permalinks in WordPress

Permalink settings
WordPress keeps default URLs that are clumsy and affects SEO as well. WordPress offers the option to change the default URLs by navigating to Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks. Either you can choose from four available standard options or use the custom URLs. The option for post name is useful for organic ranking.

Reading Settings

Reading Settings
Once you are done with updating the permalink settings, go through the Reading settings for the home page of your website, the search engine visibility, and the feed options.

Wrapping up

We recommend you not to rush into adding too many plugins on your website. First, check out the available inbuilt options that serve the same functions. It can be helpful to add plugins to your site, but why not give a try to the already available options that are there on your WordPress install. Explore your WordPress dashboard and its different features. Apart from the above-listed WordPress tips, there are much more that needs to be explored. Keep in touch with ThemesGlance to know more about WordPress themes and all other WordPress stuff.

An Insight Into Creating A Great Contact Page on WordPress

The Contact page on your WordPress website has its own importance that plays a major role in bringing potential customers and web visitors to you. It can prove out dreadful if the Contact page is not built carefully. It is seen that the website that does not display contact information lacks potential customers. Of course, all kinds of websites require visitors, viewers, and clients to be able to contact them. The way to keep in touch with a business relies on its communication ways and a contact page serves that purpose. This article post covers the role and importance of contact page on WordPress.

What is the need for a contact page?

contact us page

For any type of website, be it an e-commerce or a blog site, an exquisite way is essential for the buyers and users to get in touch. The users might have questions, concerns, suggestions, feedbacks, and other things to share with you. The guest writers, bloggers, collaborators, associates, and so on can keep in touch with you. A dedicated contact page is vital for different types of websites.

The basic elements of a dedicated contact page

The contact information includes email addresses, contact numbers, social accounts, and physical address. With increasing number of channels, more number of people will approach you. A contact form makes it easy for the visitors to get in touch with you without leaving your website. Insertion of social media networks is yet another effective way to reach out to people. A number of concerns and queries are gathered by customer service through social media platforms. Integration of Google map aids the visitors in locating your address better.

2 Steps to create a Contact page

  1. Jot down the elements you need to include on the contact page
  2. Before beginning with creating the contact page on WordPress, you need to decide carefully what information the page should have. Think about your target audience and your objectives. What are their requirements and why they will be getting in touch with you? The more you get to know your visitors, the better you will be able to satisfy their needs and provide them useful content. Let’s take an example of an online store you are running that also has a physical address. People will contact you via the internet as well as in person. Social media will be preferred by a young group of target audience. The contact numbers will be preferred by older group.

  3. An attractive design of the contact page

  4. After your plan is set up, begin creating the contact page. The general process of creating a contact page is simple. A basic contact page includes the very basic details. However, a general contact page does not look much engaging and interesting. But, you need to work on making it more compelling by designing it well and detailed. You can do so by implementing the following few ways:

Add images: The users are always interested in knowing who they will be speaking to. Add some branding to your page as that would be a great start for new opportunities.

Incorporate a contact form plugin:
Contact Form 7 Plugin
You can insert customizable contact form on your contact page via a plugin such as Contact Form 7. Try avoiding a number of fields as that might confuse the users.

Place every element at proper positions:
Place the most important and the basic contact information at the top of contact page on WordPress.

With Contact Form 7, you just need to install and activate it. Paste a shortcode into the page.
Contact Form Shortcode

Wrapping up

A contact page on WordPress is essential for creating a dedicated audience for your WordPress website through the way of communication. Thus, we see, how important it is to put some efforts into creating an effective Contact page. Keeping this consideration in mind, ThemesGlance has developed Premium WordPress themes with proper integration of contact pages along with all other pages. You can see the quality of our work in our themes that cover a range of business niches.

How To Improve The WordPress Functionality Of Your Website?

To make the most effective use of WordPress functionality of any site, it’s not sufficient to just install a theme on it or launch it online. The online visitors are very demanding and hard to please. People are looking to find functional, fast-loading, and reliable online resources that give the necessary information what they are searching for. When you are looking for ways to improve the WordPress functionality of your website, use the following tips.

Reliable WordPress Hosting

A strong and reliable hosting plays the major role in improving the WordPress functionality of your website. Choose a web hosting by carefully considering the budget of your WordPress site and the information you want to display on your site. See that the hosting you choose provides regular backups as there are chances of your site being hacked. Also, ensure that the hosting plan you select offers fast page loading speeds. Your website should not make the visitors wait for more than 2 seconds for the time the page loads.

Responsive WordPress Designs

Responsive fitness theme
You can make use of some third-party plugins to perfectly fit your website on all screen sizes. Moreover, responsive premium WordPress themes will be the easy solution to make your site appear perfect on different devices. With the emergence of so many handy gadgets, it’s very crucial for the websites to become responsive. Furthermore, the responsive designs are helpful in improving the WordPress functionality of your website.

Install quality WordPress plugins

There is a variety of free and paid WordPress plugins covering a range of WordPress functionality and features. The plugins could be used for a specific purpose such as an online reservation form, contact form, gallery, slider, learning management system, etc. Though there are ample of plugins, you need to be selective while picking one or more of them for your website. Do not install multiple plugins rather get only those that you need.

Clean Web Design

The website visitors are more keen on WordPress functionality rather than the look. So, while designing your website, see whether the design will confuse or help them browsing your website. Obvious designs are generally liked by people. The messy and cluttered design will confuse the visitors and make them approach competitor’s website.

Integration of social media on websites

Social media integration
Presently, there is hardly any person who does not have at least a single social media account. Thus, it’s a great chance for your website to reach a wider audience via social media networks. Integrated social media helps people spread certain online pieces on just a single click. The easy login via social accounts is an easy way of registering on a WordPress website. There are many WordPress themes that integrate social media through widgets, plugins, or header/footer modules.

Easy to navigate web pages

Easy to navigate Menu options
Easy-to-navigate Menu section
The first-time visitors should find your website easy to navigate providing the necessary data within a few seconds. The easily navigable options on your site will give an amazing user experience, thereby making your website more user-friendly.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With the help of a CDN, you can deliver the static content of your website to the web users quicker than your web server. Ensure that the speed of your website is satisfactory with that of your competitors’ using a content delivery network. To speed up a WordPress website, the CDN services are really helpful.

Optimize your website for search engines

SEO is significant in improving the WordPress functionality of your website. SEO is an important part of any WordPress website as it makes a site rank on search engines. Though search engine optimization of a website requires time, the SEO plugins are strong enough to help you get started.

Update your site

Updated theme version
Update your WordPress themes, plugins, and installation timely. WordPress update is significant in keeping a WordPress site secure. Also, it gets you added new features which aid in improving your WordPress functionality in the long run.


WordPress is a strong CMS, preferred by more than 25% of the available websites on the web. The WordPress community is day-by-day providing tools and tips to improve WordPress functionality. Hopefully, the tips covered in this article will help your site bring more user engagement and optimize your site.