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Few not sure issue but "would be nice" changes

HI guys


First off, love the template. Very impressed by it and we would 100% recommend the product.

We do have a few things we would like to change if possible. I have taken screenshots of what we would like to change.

Image 1 - The head sides. We have the header with a white background however when scrolling down the sides do go black. Is there a way to change this to white?

Image 2 - This is to do with the services tab. We love how they light up when we hover over them however we want to make them unclickable. We dont want each of them to have there own pages. So we want to remove the hyperlink to the other pages from each service.

Image 3 -We want to make the Logo bigger. i have tried to add a bigger picture but it seems to size it down each time. Twice as big ideally

Thank you in advance for the help!



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  • Image-2.PNG
  • Image-3.PNG

IMAGE 4 - how can we move the areas? for example in 'image 4' we see the following parts

Areas of Specialization -> How we work ->What do we do


If i wanted to change this order... how can i do that?


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  • Image-4.PNG

Image 5 - How do we center the text in the slider settings?



Again sorry for all the questions

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We have received your mail and we have provided you the reply.

Kindly please check and get back to us there.

Thank you.