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Charity Fundraiser Pro

Hi, I've tried a few pop up plugins with the Charity Fundraiser Pro theme, however it doesn't show popups.

Can you see what is the issue with Popups - WordPress Popup by timersys?

Website is House In Paradise


Thank You for choosing us!

Could you please elaborate the issue you are having?

So that we could help you.

Little more information about the issue will help us to provide a better solution for you.

Thank You


Yes, when I enable to popup to show. it doesn't show or load.


Here is the popup plugin url


Social PopUp


please refer the documentation provided by them to use the plugin.

Or call there support team about the issue.

If you have any other issue please let us know.

Thank you

I find your response inappropriate, of course I had read the documentation. I am an experienced developer. I have tried other popup plugins and none work on this theme. They work on other themes. Please give a proper response rather than trying to fob me off.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

You need to provide us the description of what issues you are getting the while using the plugin.

If you want we can review the issue, make a user for us assign administrator role and send us the username and password along with the URL at [email protected]

Thank you