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cant edit site....

can't edit lots of things on theme. specifically the services page. can we not use any type of editor on your templates???

car repair mechanic pro 0.0.4

removing theme from site for now, to hopefully install a working one.

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Dragan Valjak

car repair mechanic pro 0.0.4

I have the same problem.
A lot of things are missing in the customizer.
In home page slider:  fields  for link "read more" missing,
In About Us Section: Section paragraf missing.
And so on...


Could you provide the website URL for evaluation

No, I'm building the website on localhost.
When all necessary modifications are made, only then will it go live.
It's a bug in the Customizer, all the options just aren't there.
I have a feeling that it is not a professional wordpress theme, but a free version.

I've been looking a bit at the code. Missing settings in customizer-part-...php ($wp_customize->add_setting...)

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