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WP Mega Construction

I am currently using the mega-construction theme and I want to swap the crane image with the companies logo. Is there a simple way to execute this? I also need to make sure that if it's done once it wont be kicked out when any updates occur.

Hi Jay,

Thanks for contacting us.

You don't need to find any CSS for this. Just go to Appearance -> Customizer -> Theme Settings -> Typography settings

At the bottom of this page, you will see the option of "Title Image" There you can change the image. This will change the image everywhere it has used.


Thanks for answering that resolved the issue.


Here's my next issue....

For the staff pages is there a way to redirect them to a subpage where the bios would live? I only want the staff members name, email address and company phone number to display on the front page. Once the button is selected then I want the full bio to display on a separate page.

Currently, the only option I see is to have all the text in the box and hope it displays correctly

Hi Jay,

As per your query, there is no such option in our theme.

If you need any other help please let us know.