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"Why Our Tours"

I am new to Wordpress and trying to set up a site using the Luxury Travel Pro Child theme. Everything have been working quite good until I got to the "Why Our Tours" section under "Customizing-Theme Settings". I can not change the "Service Text". I write my own text in the "Service Text-textbox", but the site still show the example text (Lorem ipsumdolor...etc.). Changing the "Service Image" works fine, but not the text. Can anyone please give me some advice here?


Just add the text whatever you want to add. Publish the changes. And then check the site it will work. If not please let us know.



sorry but it don't work. I replace the example text (Lorem ipsumdolor...etc.) in the "Service Text-textbox", but after Publish (and refresh in the browser (I also deleted all history in the browser) the site still shows the example text. Changing "Service Image" works fine, but not the "Service Text".


Hi Kjell,

As per your query, we have seen the service section in our theme and its working.

Add some text and then publish it after that refresh the customizer page and we are giving you screenshot link in which our theme service section is working.

Screenshot Link:

If you still not get any solution provide us your login details with Username and Password with Site URL on this Mail ID: [email protected]