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Service Icons

are the service icons BMP or PNG format?

Hi Warren,

As per your query, could you please provide us a screenshot for which service icon are you talking about?
So we can tell you its PNG or another format.

Here are the Icons i was asking about.

I paid for a sheet of Vector Icons and I don't know why I can't add them to your template. I've saved them in a PNG format and when I go to load them I keep getting a "HTTP Error" message.

Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot-9.png
  • Screenshot-10.png
  • Screenshot-12.png

Hi Warren,

As per your query, we have seen your screenshot and you are adding an icon in the wrong place.

We are giving you some easy steps to add the icon on customizer.

Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> TG Settings >> Service Section >> Add your icons in this section >> Publish.

If you need any other help please let us know.


Sorry for the confusion. My screen shots was to show you where I"m having the problem. It's not where I'm trying to add them. I was trying to add them to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> TG Settings >> Service Section. The Problem is that I have a sheet of vector Icons. For example I need one of the Icons off the sheet to add to the website. When I take one of the Icons I'm not sure what format to save the Icon so that I can add it to my the Themsglace template. I've tried saving the Icon in a PNG format. When I try to upload the desired Icon in the the Theme I get an HTTP Error. Below is a screen of the Icons and I veiw them using Adobe Illustrator which is also where I convert it to a PNG format.

Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot-13.png
  • Screenshot-14.png

Hi Warren,

As per your query, we have seen your screenshot and you are using photoshop for images and you must take someone else to make images for you in jpeg or in png.