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Pro theme won't install!!!!

I just purchased the pro version of the WP Fitness Theme and it won't install to WP! I downloaded all the zip files and then clicked "Upload Theme" in WP and I keep getting an error that says the file is to large. am I missing something?? Is there a different way that I should be uploading this theme? Help please!!!!!!

Hi Stephanie,

Please go through the following steps to make sure you have done with this or not.

You got the premium theme download links on your order confirmation mail which contains the following zip files:

1. WP Fitness Pro

2. WP Fitness Pro child

3. Title Banner Plugin

4. WP Fitness Pro Posttype

5. WP Gallery Images

If you haven't got the zip file of the theme, please send us your order number, we will give you the login credential of your account on our website

WP Fitness Pro is a premium version theme and WP Fitness Pro child is a child theme. The "Title Banner Plugin" and "Gallery Images Plugin" is a theme required plugins.

You need to upload the themes separately. First, upload WP Fitness Pro zip via Appearance -> Themes and then WP Fitness Pro child zip via Appearance -> Themes activate the child theme. The "Title Banner Plugin" and "Gallery Images Plugin" would be uploaded via Plugins -> Add new. These both of plugins will be uploaded separately one by one.

If you have successfully completed theme installation, then follow the below steps to get the demo content on your homepage.

1. Create Page to set template: Go to Dashboard >> Pages >> Add New Page.

Label it "home" or anything as you wish. Then select template "home-page" from template drop-down.

2. Set the front page: Go to Setting -> Reading --> Set the front page display static page to home page

This will show all the demo content on your front page. Now you can customize each section through the Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Settings.

Make sure it is a blog theme, so you need to create a post, categories, tags and a category should have a published post. So that it will appear on your site.

Plugin descriptions are already included in the documentation:

If you got stuck somewhere then send us the query. If you want we can set up your theme, make a user for us assign administrator role and send us the username and password. We have a free theme installation support.


Can you please give more exact details on how to actually upload the theme. I have already tried going to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Themes. I keep getting an error saying the file size is too large. Is there something wrong with the file or am I trying to upload incorrectly?


This is the common error and this issue is with the server settings which limit the maximum size for uploaded files.

This error message is an indication that the file you are trying to upload is larger than your web host allows (WordPress default file upload size is 2 MB). The first option is, you can contact your hosting provider to increase the upload file size limit. The second option is to upload the theme from the FTP or using the Cpanel to the directory wp-content/themes.

If you want we can install the theme for you just make a user for us assign administrator role and send us the username and password along with the URL. We have a free installation support for all our premium theme.