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Luxury travel

It wont let me installing the plugins, it says that URL is missing in my cp on wordpress

Hi Heidi,

Go to Plugins >> Add New >> Upload


I can not install the plugins, file can not find error,

where i can find the files to upload?

Hi Sergii,

As per your query, we are giving you some link to download the file and upload plugin.

Go to My Account Link:

Download Link:

Log in to your account >> You will get Download Button >> Just click on it >> And download Plugin.

After getting Plugin from download >> Go to Plugins >> Add New >> Upload.

If you have any other query please let us know.




Installing Plugin Luxury Travel Pro Posttype

Installing Plugin TG Title Banner Image

these two plug ins are not able to install, i have bought the theme, luxury travel pro, two days ago, can not install those two plug ins.

can you please help me?

Hi Justus,

As per your query, we are giving you link in which you will get steps.

How to install the plugin.

Plugin Setup URL:

If you need any other help please let us know.