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Ecommerce Category Error


We are using the E commerce template, and when I create a category and it shows up in our "Shop" Section, the category titles have the word (NaN) highlighted next to them. I didn't add this and not sure how to get rid of it.




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If you want we can review the issue, make a user for us assign administrator role and send us the username and password along with the URL at

Thank You

Good evening,

I have a couple of additional questions now that our website overhaul is almost complete. One would be the "Cart" Icon located at the top of the page in the Header-widget section. Once the user is hovering over the cart with their cursor, the ability to click on the cart quickly disappears.  The text also does not show up in this area, even if items are added to the cart. Could you please advise? This seems to be the only remaining issue. I do believe we still have you as an admin so you can edit.


Tori- Pawsh Dog Boutique

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As per your request, could you please provide us your site URL.

So we can review and get back to you.



Sorry we didn't include that.




Thank so much, please let me know if there's anything else we can provide.


As per your request, we have seen your screenshot and we are giving you some easy steps and CSS to see cart items properly.

Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS >> Paste the given CSS on it >> Publish.

#cart {

top: 49px;

width: 474px;


If you need any other assistance please let us know.

Thank you