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Charity Fundraiser Pro - problem on slider view (desk to tablet)

I need your help. Because I bought the theme charity-fundraiser-pro and I started to customize it. At the begining the visualization (from desk to tablet) of slider-settings section was working pretty good. But now, It is not working, neither texts nor buttons are visible when I change the display from desk to tablet. How can I solve it? The web site is under construction, yet.

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Thank You for choosing us!

Kindly provide us the Site URL to review so that we could provide you a solution.

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Could you provide me your email accout to send you the access as editor (WP account and pasword)? Please.

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Thank You for your response!

Sent us at

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I have sent you an email with the Access Credentials (user name and password).

Please kindly let me know if you have any inconvenience.

Thank you

Yes, Sure!