Strengthen Your WordPress Security In Four Super Easy Ways

WordPress is an extremely secure software that protects its websites against threats, hacks, and vulnerabilities. However, the passwords and the usernames that you keep may not always be secure. So, in order to keep your website safe from illegal access, you need to give careful consideration to WordPress security. This blog post is going to cover the importance of keeping your WordPress admin secure. Furthermore, it will cover the different ways to strengthen WordPress security.

What is the need to safeguard WordPress login screen?

 When we think about hacking, we usually imagine that the hackers make use of advanced tools and their magical hacking skills to break the servers. However, oftentimes the case is that the hackers enter a website by obtaining its login credentials somehow. A brute force attack and stealing the password are the two common ways by which hackers get an entry to your website. The hackers make many attempts by trying a combination of different usernames and passwords until the time they get correct credentials. They steal away the correct credentials using certain methods.

How to strengthen WordPress security?

You can strengthen the WordPress security of your website using the following methods.

  • Whitelist the IP Addresses

 WordPress allows you to whitelist the IP address using .htaccess file There are some cases where only some particular IP addresses are given the access to the dashboard. We call this process as whitelisting which is very effective.

      • You can give access to your dashboard to specific people. We know that IP addresses are unique, hence, whitelisting is quite effective if your team has just a few members.
      • Whitelisting involves the insertion of a few codes to the .htaccess file. Thus, it’s an easy implementation process and straightforward.
      • IP addresses can’t be replicated. A person cannot enter your website until he is able to access the computer of your team member.
  • Additional username and password to safeguard wp-admin directory

Apart from selecting who will be accessing your dashboard, you can ask for additional username and password before your dashboard even loads. You can actually form new user logins that are connected to your hosting panel rather than to WordPress. With the help of this technique, you can safeguard your dashboard at times of attack. The attackers will require determining the second set of credentials once they get access to one of the accounts of your team members. You can change the passwords at regular intervals. To add such passwords, make use of cPanel’s function i.e. Password protect the directory on the wp-admin folder. Make sure that the passwords you are using here are not similar to those you use to log into WordPress. Thus, the additional username and password act as an extra layer of security.

  • Two-factor authentication

 With the help of the technique of two-factor authentication, you can add an additional verification factor to the login process. Oftentimes, it is in the form of a code that is delivered via email, or an app. The user has to enter this code along with the password to gain access to the website. This technique is safer than the password. Oftentimes, the attackers are required to gain physical access to your system to get the two-factor authentication code. You can implement this technique using a range of methods and tools.

  • Restrict the number of login attempts by the users

 It’s not safe for the security of your website to allow the people to make multiple attempts on the login screen. It’s more secure to restrict the number of login attempts by the users. This is helpful in preventing brute force attacks. Multiple attempts aid the hackers to identify the correct login credentials. There are some tools that let you know about the unsuccessful login attempts so that you can block those IP addresses if you want.

Wrapping up

The ways to strengthen WordPress security is not much complicated. In fact, it is very much an easy way due to the availability of WordPress security tools. You need to be clear about what all security methods you will be using on your website. The most successful way is to pay attention to your dashboard and login screen as they are on more threat by the attackers. You can also check some more WordPress Tips to create a professional and secured website.

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