How To Start A Business With Only Premium WordPress Themes


In this digital era, you are lacking if you don’t take your business on the online platform. The benefits of getting online are tremendous. Wordpress themes can make your presence more effective by giving you beautifully carved websites. Especially, the premium WordPress themes will get you into the limelight. Earlier, website designing used to be a difficult task. But with the evolution of WordPress themes, it is no more a headache. Now you don’t need to learn how to code. Or don’t need to look for professional web developers to get a website designed for you. Once you learn how to use these themes to make a website with a professional look and feel, you will save a lot of money.

With Premium WordPress Themes, You Are In The Driver’s Seat

  • Once you come to know how to design a website using the themes, you will save a lot of effort, time as well as money.
  • You can put new and latest things on the website on your own without need the help of a designer or programmer.
  • You will have an upper hand over your competitors as you are not dependent on any developer to make the changes in order to make your website up to date. On the contrary, your competitors are dependent on others for the same.

Different Ways To Get A Website Ready

One of the ways to craft out a website for you is by using templates. HTML templates can serve as a great choice for making simple websites that don’t require frequent updating in terms of content.

Another way is to use WordPress themes. Now you might be thinking what is WordPress? Well, WordPress is a content management system that (CMS) allows you to adjust the visual style and content without changing the code. WordPress theme provides skin for your website.

Why Premium Theme Is a Better Choice

There are both free and paid themes available in the market. Free themes are a better option for those who just want to go online but don’t have the budget for the same. It is often said that you cannot rely on free things. The same is true in the case of free WordPress themes. Free themes don’t guarantee support. Also, you cannot trust them as far as the security of your website is concerned.

When it comes to premium quality themes, you need to pay for the quality they offer. Premium WordPress themes provide you support from the makers of the themes and you also get a secure code that ensures the security of your website. This makes sense as your website is less likely to be hacked. Plus, the developers also keep on updating them from time to time.

Domain Name

Once you are done with the selection of CMS, you need to select the domain name. Now, what a domain name exactly is? It is nothing but the URL that one types in the address bar of a web browser. It is important to get the right domain name. However, you should keep a few things in mind while choosing the domain name. It must be short and brandable. It needs to be catchy and easy to type. Last but not least, it has to be memorable. These are some of the most required things you should keep in mind. There are also other aspects that you may consider but those are optional.


You need to choose a hosting company to host the website files so that anyone must be able to access your website. You have a range of hosting plans right from affordable shared hosting plans, expensive managed WP hosting to premium dedicated servers. For beginners, a shared hosting plan is a good choice. Some hosts will limit the number of resources and the number of websites you can host. Though, in some cases, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and space. If you have a little higher budget margin, you should opt for managed WordPress hosting. It is beneficial especially when you hardly have the time for maintaining and updating the website.

Select A Good Premium WP Theme For Your Website

To get the best premium WordPress theme, consider the type of website that you need to create. There is a wide range of themes for various niches. So you just need to enter the type of business in the search bar. In case you don’t find anything, you can also go for multipurpose themes. You must make sure that the theme has all the features that you will need for getting a top-quality and fully functional website designed.


1. WordPress Installation

The installation of WordPress is extremely easy. Most of the hosting companies offer a one-click demo install through the dashboard. Start by logging in to the host’s dashboard and look for the section that says WordPress Install, One-click installers, or Softaculous Software. After locating that section, find the WordPress icon and select it. Then, you need to enter the username and password that you will use for logging into your site along with some other additional information. Afterward, click on the install or finish the installation button and wait for the installation of WordPress to be finished. After the installation is done, you can visit the WordPress dashboard and enter the name and password that you have set up for your WordPress website.

2. WordPress Theme Installation

The very next step is to install the WordPress theme that you have selected. On the dashboard, navigate to the Appearance > Themes > Add new. Click on the Upload Theme button and follow the instructions that appear on the screen for uploading your theme. After the theme is installed, click on the Activate button.

3. Get The Required Plugins Installed

Though most of the premium responsive WordPress themes already have all the required elements that one needs for a respective website, sometimes, much additional functionality is needed to enhance the features of your website. Well, in such a case, you will see the notification in the WordPress dashboard. Just go on to click the link that says Install Required Plugins. Now select the plugins that you want and choose Install from the drop-down menu followed by clicking on the Apply option. You then need to activate the plugins by going to Plugins > All plugins > Inactive. Select all the inactive plugins and select the Activate option in the drop-down menu and then finally click on Apply. 

4. Importing the Demo Content

The next task that follows on the list is importing the demo content and replacing it to meet the demands of your website. For a quick and easier web designing experience, the demo content is always there. It will get the structure of your website ready within minutes. You can add your own content to this structure. This will save you a lot of effort as you don’t have to create them from scratch. 

You need to click the One-Click Demo Import button then select the demo that you need to import in the theme. Click the checkboxes next to the attachments, customizer settings, and sliders. After that, click on the Import Demo Data button. Later, replace it with your own content. And for the same, you need to go to Pages > All Pages. Then you will need to click on the Edit link. 

5. Adding Your Touch To The Overall Appearance

You can change the visual appearance of your site. And for that, you need to navigate to Appearance > Customize. Make use of the Live Customizer to the fullest to add your own customized logo. You can adjust the color, change the font styles, and much more. Not only this, you can change the images, background, and content also. 

Up till now, you might have got a fair idea about creating websites using premium responsive WordPress themes. 

Things To Keep In Mind For Having Fabulous Business Websites

In order to get functional and professional websites, here are a few suggestions that will be helpful to you.

  • Go for the latest Premium WordPress Themes

From the number of themes available, you must always go for the latest and updated version of the theme. Choosing the latest one will bring some of the more advanced and latest functionality that will add new dimensions to your website. It is quite possible at times that you select the old version of the same theme that is deprived of the additional features that are included in the updated version. Hence, it is important that you always go for the new and updated version. 

  • Always look for premium themes giving fast performance  

Speed is the most important criterion when it comes to websites. If you have a fast-loading website, more visitors will draw towards it as fast-loading websites make the visitors more interested and have the capability to keep them engaged for a longer time. So, just make sure that the theme that you have opted for must have been tested for speed. 

  • Get popular premium WordPress themes that are responsive

Before buying any theme, you need to be sure it's responsive. As per the latest market trends, responsive premium WordPress themes are in huge demand. With the increase of mobile devices, their demand is soaring high. To sustain in this highly competitive world, you also need to opt for responsive themes. Such themes provide visitors with a better user experience. It also leads to an improvement in the conversion rate. Plus, you have more chances to get searched in the web searches. 

Some Additional Tips For Increasing Your Visitors

  • Include social sharing options

For this, you can make use of the social media plugin. It will make it easy for the visitors to share your website will ultimately result in fetching more traffic and more visitors to your website. You will be able to reach the maximum number of people using social sharing options. 

  • Start a Blog for a better connection with users

When you start a blog, it will not only aid you in improving the search engine rank but also in establishing better connectivity with the visitors, readers, and potential clients. Through your blog, you can easily share the knowledge that you possess in your respective domain and make people understand the benefits they will be getting when they work with you. The blog has the potential to attract clients as it gives a fair idea about your work or business and the knowledge and expertise you have. Once they get to know you, they will be more interested to get your services. 

  • Use of newsletter

You can make use of the newsletter so that you can ask the visitors to sign up the same for staying connected with you and getting all the updates via Emails. You can include the newsletter in the form popups or in the sidebar. Also, it can be included below the blog posts. 

Considering all the above-discussed things, popular premium WordPress themes have many quality features and advantages that make them the best option for starting an online business and promoting it. Check 10 Important Properties A Business WP Theme Should Have to grow your busines. 

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