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12 best payment gateway for Woocommerce WordPress websites


A payment gateway is required for any e-commerce company that wants to offer goods and services online. Business owners often find themselves faced with the difficult task of deciding which solution will work best for their needs. We have set up a list of the top WooCommerce payment gateways to help you with the selection process so that you can easily get started with WordPress website.

You will know exactly what a method of payment is, why your WordPress site needs one, and what criteria are most useful in choosing the ideal one after reading this post.

What Exactly Is A WooCommerce Payment Gateway, And How Does It Work?

Online merchants that wish to expedite the money acceptance procedure might use the WordPress plugin WooCommerce payment gateway. Therefore, any transaction conducted through the website of your business involves three parties: clients, your online store, and the payment gateway of your choice.

The way the payment gateway functions is as follows:

  • If a customer places an online order for goods or services, they divulge their credit card data.
  • The payment gateway verifies the veracity of the customer's payment information and assesses if they possess sufficient money to make an online purchase.
  • Subsequently, it sends encrypted data to the card connection.
  • The merchant will be informed of the transaction's current state as soon as it is accepted.
  • The acquiring bank receives instructions from the payment gateway to move money from the customer's bank of choice to the merchant's accounts.

Selecting the Greatest Payment Gateway for WooCommerce:

Remember that you have been looking for a WooCommerce payment gateway that will improve your company, meet the requirements of your clients, and make payment processing simpler. Therefore, it's critical to carefully consider each alternative. Take note of the following aspects while selecting a payment gateway for your company:

Payment Gateway Type:

While there are a variety of payment gateways, they can be separated into two groups. Businesses can show how they process online payments on their own sites because of integrated gateways. Hosted payment gateways, meanwhile, process purchases directly on their safe websites. Select the option that most closely fits the personality of your business.


Although it simplifies the online payment acceptance procedure, working with a payment gateway that includes a WordPress plugin becomes much simpler. These plugins have the ability to control the relationship between WooCommerce and payment services automatically. Owners of businesses who are not knowledgeable about technology may find it difficult to manually link the various phases without the help of a plugin.

Ease of Use:

Payment gateways that are hard to use or unclear should not be added to the already complex financial services. Choose a WooCommerce payment provider with easy-to-use navigation, a straightforward design, and few setup needs.

Choose a gateway that enables an easy and speedy checkout experience for the purpose of retaining your current customers and drawing in new ones.

Transaction Charges:

Here, choosing the most efficient and affordable payment gateway is advised. To achieve this, users need to carefully review the charge structure of the gateway to make sure that there are no hidden costs and that it is transparent. On average, transaction charges consist of two parts: an initial amount (up to $0.30 per transaction) and a proportion of the amount of the transaction (which ranges from 1.5% to 3.5%).

Make a well-informed choice and avoid using the WooCommerce payment gateway that is the least expensive, as low costs do not always translate into outstanding customer service.

Accessible within the area:

Regulated by stringent financial laws, WooCommerce custom payment gateways are unfortunately subject to exclusive restrictions. Be mindful of whether a payment processor is accessible in your nation and other international markets. Check with the provider to see if it offers the lowest conversion rates and accepts numerous currencies for online transactions that you can accept. It ought to be noted that working with a multilingual service will be significantly easier.

Service to customers and reputation:

Although having round-the-clock support is very beneficial, companies should use caution when marketing this feature. The service's help might be restricted after specific hours if it runs in a different time zone than your online business. Therefore, confirm the customer care team's hours of operation and the channels of communication that are available (phone, email, live chat, and registration form) before collaborating with any WooCommerce payment gateways. Additionally, confirm the payment gateway's reputation and reliability by reading reviews left by past or previous customers.

The Best WordPress WooCommerce Payment Gateways:

Although there are many payment gateways available to anyone as a business owner, not all of them will provide services that are appropriate for your enterprise.


Exactly® provides full payment processing protection for online retailers. Exactly advanced services, like merchant accounts, best payment gateway for WooCommerce, mass and automatic payments, and seamless integration, help your business grow both domestically and globally.

Exactly® stands apart due to its customized approach to each merchant. Merchants may select between hosted pages and API connections with this all-in-one solution, which also offers customizable pricing.


  • Acceptance of almost 150 different currencies
  • Free technical guidance
  • PCI compliance
  • Suitable prices
  • API-driven solutions that are robust


  • There isn't a free trial available.


Stripe is the best payment gateway for WooCommerce as a result of its well-designed, intuitive UI and easy setup procedure. In addition to being extremely compatible with WooCommerce, which is simple to integrate into your website, Stripe provides customizable payment forms. Highlights of Stripe's dashboard information include transaction history, integration monitoring, and segmented monthly totals. Some of you may design and set up a customized checkout by partnering with Stripe.


  • 130 valid currencies
  • There are no set fees each month.
  • Multiple possibilities for integration
  • Transparent pricing


  • In several locations, service is unavailable.
  • Customer service responses that do not arrive timely.


One of the best payment gateway for WooCommerce to add to any online store is PayPal, which is one of the most well-known brands among online buyers. It provides a simple-to-operate setup interface, a visually appealing design, organized automatic detection of fraud, and seller protection features. For small businesses that are willing to accept greater fees for transactions in exchange for convenience of use as well as low transaction volumes, PayPal is the most common choice.


  • Customisable API
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick payment processing
  • No contract termination or other costs


  • High transaction fees
  • Off-site checkouts


Square is a best payment gateway for WooCommerce that enables transactions using credit and debit cards. It may be used to securely accept payments with a straightforward payment form on your WordPress website. Once you use Square, your customers will be able to purchase products directly from your website rather than using external checkout pages. Square is a WooCommerce plugin that provides capabilities for quick payment, sophisticated 3D secure support, worldwide and local payment options, and an efficient monitoring and reporting system.


  • The installation procedure has been simplified.
  • Compatibility with leading e-commerce platforms
  • There are no set fees per month.
  • Transaction fees that are competitive


  • Dashboard navigation is difficult.
  • Higher costs of currency conversion


Visa owns and controls Authorise.Net, a best payment gateway for WooCommerce. Large annual sales volumes make this payment processing solution an excellent option for enterprises. Most online payment processors, including Visa, Explore, PayPal, MasterCard, Apple Pay, JCB, and eChecks, are accepted by Aurhorize.Net. Pre-orders and WooCommerce subscriptions are supported by the plugin. The payment gateway also enables you to go through the checkout process entirely on your own website.


  • Recurring payments
  • Many reporting options
  • Simple checkout
  • Affordable fees for huge quantities of transactions


  • Service is available in the US and Canada only.
  • A difficult setup

Woocommerce Payments:

WooCommerce Payments is recognised as one of the greatest solutions for the e-commerce sector because it was created especially for WooCommerce. This payment gateway provides a robust integration for your online business and an upgraded checkout experience. The service has no upfront costs and functions on a pay-as-you-go basis.

WooCommerce Payments is available in eighteen nations and takes payments in more than 135 currencies. It does not require any further extensions.


  • Complete compatibility with every WooCommerce platform
  • No monthly fees
  • Variety of substitutes for integration
  • separate app for phones
  • Payment options that are compatible


  • High costs for transactions
  • Difficult application procedure


Alipay provides the best payment gateway for WooCommerce plugin that lets you take payments from 54 different countries in more than 14 different currencies. All you need to set up Alipay quickly and easily is your partner ID and security code. In contrast to other payment providers, it enables owners of businesses to test the software for free in order to ensure that it meets all of their demands and specifications. Through their accounts, customers will be allowed to make purchases using payment information that they have previously saved.


  • Plugin for WooCommerce integration
  • Support for mobile
  • Security system that is dependable
  • Accepts Renminbi payments


  • Not protected by FDIC


One of the flexible best payment gateway for WooCommerce that can be used by a range of companies is Braintree. Due to PayPal's ownership, it enables your clients to link their accounts to PayPal and store credit card information for quicker check times. Additionally, it supports WooCommerce subscriptions, meaning that you can offer recurring billing for your goods and services. Braintree is a preferred partner for small and medium-sized enterprises because of its affordable transaction fees, virtual terminals, and payment gateway integration. A large range of tools are available from Braintree to assist business owners in identifying and preventing forgery. The service conforms to SAQ-A and PCI DSS procedure standards.


  • The quick setup process
  • Simple dashboard
  • Compatible payment method


  • Poor service to customers
  • Money can be stored for a very long time.

Amazon Pay:

Amazon Pay is the best payment gateway for WooCommerce that is under its control. It implies that your clients have a fantastic chance to use their Amazon accounts to pay for your products or services. The connectivity between WooCommerce and Amazon Pay is made simpler by the latter's integration plugin. The payment gateway simply levies transaction fees rather than fixed monthly fees. For WooCommerce memberships, Amazon Pay offers automatic refuse processing, chargeback safeguarding, and recurring online payments.


  • Multi Currency support
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • PCI compliance
  • There are no exit fees.


  • Restrictive payment verification process
  • There is a three-to-five-day settling time.


Verifone, formerly known as 2Checkout, is a popular supplier of electronic point-of-sale (POS) solutions and a cloud-based payment system. It is well-known for its simple cost structure and inexpensive transaction costs. However, when compared with other payment processing platforms, chargebacks and currency changes are more costly. There are no setup, commitment, or termination costs with Verifone. Verifone's support for worldwide markets is its most important benefit. Because this payment gateway is PCI-compliant and has obtained the Qualified Security Assessor accreditation, it provides excellent data protection.


  • Pricing transparency
  • Low fees
  • Excellent support for foreign company owners
  • Excellent tools for reporting and analytics


  • Complex application procedure
  • No support for card-present payments

Apple Pay:

Apple Pay is an electronic best payment gateway for WooCommerce. Clients can rapidly make payments with it, as it has been designed for iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and others.

The customer must validate their password, Touch ID, or FaceID before completing any payment, a process that improves security and reduces the risk of fraud and other personal information problems.


  • Trustworthy brand with good standing.
  • No setup and monthly expenses are extra.
  • Easily accessible and well-designed.
  • It is extremely straightforward for clients to check out if they use Apple gadgets.


  • Not available in every nation.
  • Designed mostly for Apple product consumers.
  • WooCommerce integration doesn't seem as smooth as it could be.


One best payment gateway for WooCommerce for Indian-based companies is Razorpay. It provides an extensive range of payment methods, including PayPal, credit and debit cards, UPI, Bharat QR, PhonePe, and PayZapp, as well as more than 70 net banking platforms.

Razorpay offers detailed information and insights to help you understand the behavior of your customers. It offers a payment link so that payment can be taken quickly. In summary, Razorpay allows you to expand your business internationally.


  • Provides over 100 payment options.
  • Instant activation in two minutes
  • Simple interoperability with all popular platforms
  • Real-time exchange of currencies
  • No yearly or startup costs
  • Available on mobile apps


Your growth as a company will be much simpler when the best payment gateway for WooCommerce is integrated into a website built with WordPress because you won't have to handle anything manually. Finding the best solutions for your company is now even easier thanks to us, allowing you to stay focused on expanding it. Though each of them offers unique benefits and capabilities, they all function well with WooCommerce. Thus, why do you delay? Select a payment processor to rapidly increase your sales.


  • What Is a Payment Gateway for WooCommerce?

It's a WordPress plugin that online retailers use to let customers buy different goods and services by using a certain payment option.

  • How Can I Select the Finest Payment Gateway for WooCommerce?

Examine a number of options regarding payment gateway type, WooCommerce compatibility, pricing and operating costs, availability in specific locations, safety features, and customer support efficacy before selecting the best WooCommerce payment gateway for WooCommerce.

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