5+ Best Newspaper WordPress Themes For Sleek News Website

Best WordPress Themes for Online Newspaper

Best Newspaper WordPress Themes are here to launch an online newspaper. What is the first thing one needs with a cup of tea in the morning? A Newspaper. Earlier, this was the only way to catch the latest pieces of information. People are getting this on their preferred platforms in a few seconds as time has changed. This has raised a state of higher competition in the market world. People gather where they find convenient and catchy news pieces with the latest updates. 

Similarly, you have to be one of a kind to set up a remarkable position with a good online presence. Visitors always praise the website, where they find straight answers without much navigation. This is an important note while designing a website. All the eyes are shifted to selecting the best newspaper theme. Luckily, Best Newspaper WordPress Themes hold a bunch full of best Premium WordPress Themes. Now, this is a critical job to select the best theme matching your taste. 

You must choose a theme that may vary and customize it according to the site's purpose. Choose a theme that gradually acquires more audience with its readability and functionality. 

Points to Note While Selecting WordPress Theme for Newspaper Website: 


A theme must be responsive. So that the website interface could easily fit any screen size. 

Highly Customized: 

Customization is a factor which user finds easy while designing a website. It should hold user-friendly custom options. 

Page-builder compatibility: 

Page builders are necessary as they provide widgets for easy web page creation. The theme must be integrated with elementor and WP bakery builders. 


It is necessary to secure higher SERP ranks for a website. Therefore, the theme must hold SEO optimization as it helps improve performance and speed. 

Customer Support: 

User searches for help while designing a website when in trouble. So, good customer support is needed to resolve clients' issues properly. 

6 Best WordPress Themes for News Portal In 2022 

Premium Magazine WordPress Theme 

A magazine is another concept of launching an online Newspaper. Out of the Best WordPress Themes for Newspaper portal the Premium Magazine WordPress Theme is crafted with precision to provide the best designs.

Get the premium range of responsive features for $39 only. The robust and modern design suits modern magazines, news sites and blog websites. It is a spacious theme providing mind-blowing templates with custom features. And for beginners, we offer free demo content for easy customization. 

The stylish typography and functionality all over complement the website. Clients will get stunned by the responsive layout representation as it holds the ability to work well on mobiles, tablets and PCs. An Elementor page builder helps to modify the website using web pages.

The drag-and-drop feature is a must in the proper placement of elements. The Woocommerce plugin holds excess functionality, providing a gallery slider with parallax scrolling. Socializing can make better promotions using social media icons.

  • Lightweight design 
  • Social media integration 
  • No codes required

Newspaper WordPress Theme

Want to upgrade your existing news portal look with a new one? In WordPress, The Best Newspaper WordPress Themes are here to serve. Here, we recommend you buy the Premium WordPress Theme for News portal at $39 only.

Get the most upgraded and latest versions for an online newspaper launch. This will create a huge audience as most people bow to online media. It provides the most stunning range of templates that help to shape the website. The templates offer website designs for magazines and blogs. The powerful theme structure helps to manage the content with mega menus. 

The high-resolution image and videos apply visual effects to the website. A gallery slider with scrolling menus helps in smooth navigation. The elegant layouts are responsive enough to fit every screen size. A live theme customizer is available to make suitable changes to the website. The drag and drop features help in the proper placement of the elements. It offers Woocommerce compatibility for selling online newspapers.

  • Woocommerce compatibility 
  • Clear resolution graphics 
  • Elementor page builder capacity 

Premium Blog WordPress Theme 

Blogging is nothing but online expressing and sharing personal views through blogs. And, when do you get to share on an online platform? Amazing! The Premium Blog WordPress Theme is here to serve the best features. Get this mind-blowing theme at $39 only to explore stylish features.

Make your blogs noticeable with the most stunning templates to use. You get the most enticing elements to place using the drag-and-drop feature. The page builder helps to strengthen the website by providing widgets. It lets you add reliable web pages with custom elements. 

The theme can be easily used for travel, lifestyle and food blogs. SEO optimization makes higher prestige for the website. The valuable plugins help to build functionality for the website. The styling features provide background grids, colour palettes, header and footer. Typography plays a vital role in displaying the content with visual effects. Socialization helps to make better promotions for your blogs. 

  • Advanced gallery slider with scrolling menus
  • Custom widgets for web page addition 
  • Responsive design

Newspaper - News & Woocommerce WordPress Theme 

Want to make your newspaper roll globally? Get this WordPress Theme for newspaper website. This is one of the Best Newspaper WordPress Themes that help to reach higher standards. The theme can be available at an easy price of $59 only. And the user gets access to all premium features and designs for a website design.

Luckily, you don't need to embed codes or waste hours on website design, as SEO optimization codes make your way to a fast design reaching better heights. You can integrate blogs and articles into it for more audience attention. 

This is precisely handled under the Woocommerce plugin providing a gallery slider. And, with smooth scrolling menus, you can visit the web pages without the clutter. Style your newspaper content using visualizing graphics and vibrant colour schemes. The page builder helps in easy element placement using the drag and drop feature. Socialize your online newspaper using social media icons. 

  • Live Theme Customizer 
  • SEO-optimization 
  • Creative designs to flaunt 

Neeon - WordPress News Magazine Theme 

Grab this most affordable News portal WordPress theme to launch an online news magazine website. You only need to spend $29 to explore its exciting features and designs. Its flexible layouts are responsive, letting you adjust the interface on any screen.

You can use this theme for blogging and writing purposes as well. Or you can integrate bloggers to make your content more attractive. It offers the best paging menus, further helping to build reliable web pages. You can place numerous elements using the drag and drop feature. 

The call-to-action buttons help in better conversion rates and performance boosting. The theme customizer lets you customize user-required elements making it a unique website. The gallery slider holds creative features in proper content placement and formatting.

The Woocommerce plugin smoothly helps to advertise brand products with ease. Moreover, you get pre-made homepage layouts with custom effects residing a stunning homepage. There is no doubt that this is one of the best Buy WordPress Themes available. 

  • Responsive design
  • Elementor page builder 
  • Woocommerce compatibility 

Newsmag - Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme 

Newsmag is one of the Best Newspaper WordPress Themes, helping to launch an online newspaper. It conquers the fantastic range of templates and responsive features in website development. The price is super-affordable with demo content.

You get all the features unlocked with easy customization at $49 only. Also, it supports page builders to shape up the website using the drag-and-drop feature. The lightweight design is adaptive to personal blogs, magazines and publishing houses. Clean SEO practices need help to secure higher ranks for the website. 

Also, you don't need to learn coding skills or spend hours in website design as it ensures code-free designing in less time. Also, Woocommerce compatibility helps in trading top brands with separate sections. It provides a stunning gallery slider managing the content. The visual graphics and colour schemes make it more potent in front of potential clients. 

  • Mobile-friendly design 
  • Advanced slider menus 
  • No codes required


And it's a wrap to the above content. Above are some Best Newspaper WordPress Themes that help to find the right theme. A newspaper is one of our daily activities for working and non-working people. And digitization has marked this in the way of finding the latest news in a few clicks. This has led to a rise in the digital world. Not this, any firm you consider, there is high competition. 

To match this, one has to move forward with some unique stuff. That's what WordPress is all about. WordPress themes come up with all-time latest and most unique features that clients go crazy with. Now, it comes among thousands of stunning themes. Which is the best? That is all we have sorted for you about how to make a better selection. 

WordPress Theme Bundle 

We have an amazing deal for you to make it more convenient and simple for our clients. Purchasing a WP Theme Bundle will screw out all your worries about selecting the best themes as we have collected all the premium themes in a single bundle at an affordable price.

You can buy to explore all the functions and designs for website design. Purchasing a bundle full of all premium themes is far better than buying every theme. And the price is just $99 to be spent. Amazing! Isn't it? So, without a doubt, go and get this. 

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