7 Best Free Professional WordPress Themes in 2022

Those just starting with WordPress might get stuck on choosing themes as there are many free and Premium WordPress Themes, making it difficult to choose a theme.

If you are new to website making, then you should carefully select the best-suiting theme for your website, or you could end up with a poorly designed theme or, worse, you could end up with a theme that has bugs and malware within.

Before we look at some best of the free WordPress themes, let's consider why we should try free WordPress themes over premium ones.

Why Should Try Free WordPress Themes First Over Premium Themes?

Choosing a free or premium WP theme is completely your decision, but before you make your decision, you should try the free WordPress themes to get an idea of how one can create a website using WordPress themes, as you cannot try out the same with the premium themes.

As long as you are trying the free themes available on the official website, you are safe from bugs and malware as all the themes, free or not, uploaded to the official WordPress website, are tested by officials.

Advantages Of Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Themes always look tempting to our eyes, but there are reasons other than being free that you should try them before going for the Premium Themes. Developers build free themes with limited to no support, and by using their free themes, you will be giving them recognition for their work.

They also have to go through various Q&A, code reviews, and whatnot to get their theme uploaded, and when these free WP themes are uploaded on WordPress, they are run for quality tests and are checked thoroughly for bugs and malware.

Officials conduct these tests, so you can rest easy knowing that these themes are good-to-go, quality assured, totally free, and that you won't face any issues that will make you want to contact the developer.

Lets Checkout Best Free WordPress Themes In Detail

Free Catering WordPress Theme

As the name suggests, this free WordPress theme is built for catering services. Since this is a WordPress theme, you don't have to know coding or web development as it already comes with a page builder where you can edit and customize your text and images or videos.

This theme is built with care to show the users your cuisines and dishes with its retina-ready design. It gives the user a great experience no matter the device's resolution. This theme comes with Woo Commerce features, which let you turn your website into an online shop. 

Free Grocery eCommerce WordPress Theme

If you are a grocery store owner and want to take your store online, this theme is for you! This Free Grocery Ecommerce WordPress Theme comes with a sophisticated design that frees you from adjusting and readjusting your content on the page.

But if you like changing anything on the theme, you can personalize it by changing fonts and colors. The free grocery eCommerce WP theme also has call-to-action buttons, bringing more reach, engagement, and growth to your store. This theme is compatible with Woo Commerce, which means you can turn your website into an online store!

Free Doctor WordPress Theme

Every profession needs a website to show its services, and so does the medical profession. The Free Doctor WP Themes is one of the many free WordPress themes that let all the professions related to the medical fraternity create their websites and showcase their services with all the necessary tools and no codes.

As this is a theme, it reduces most of your work by offering a ready-to-use layout. This way, you don't have to create your website from square one. This theme fulfils all the needs of your website perfectly, and if you still feel like giving it a personalized touch, you can always customize it. With this theme, you can also add contact and inquiry forms, making it easy for your users to contact you. 

Free Food Truck WordPress Theme

If you are someone who owns a food truck business and wants to take it online, then this theme is for you. With the Food Truck WP Theme, you can create a stylish and easy website.

This theme is a great choice for food services such as street food joints, pizza shops, burger joints, etc., as it is user-friendly and professional.

The Food Truck WP Theme comes with call-to-action buttons and a testimonial section. With all the above, you can also add your social media handles, so your loyal customers do not miss anything. 

Free Babysitting WordPress Theme

Since this WP theme is related to children. It comes with a cute default design that goes well with many children-related businesses and services, including babysitting and daycare centers. This free WordPress theme is designed carefully with catchy images instead of the usual blue and pink, which runs smoothly on all sorts of devices.

The Free Babysitting WordPress Theme is not just a visual treat but has various other features like in-built SEO optimization for your WordPress website to be easily spottable. With this, you will also get a social media icon section where you can add your social media handles.

Free IT Services WordPress Theme

Creating a website for your IT Company and don't know what theme to choose? Try using the Free IT Services WP Theme, as it is a great choice that assists you in building your website with quick effect. It also helps you in getting an effective online presence.

This theme features a full-screen view to showcase your best content in image form so that your audience will get to know what your IT Services are. You can also add a customized logo for your company to keep your website branded. This theme has .pot files included, which help with the translation-ready feature.

The Free IT Services WP Theme includes plenty of social media options that will direct your audience to follow you on different social media sites. With its cross-browser compatibility, this theme lets your users access your website through any browser of any kind of device. 


Buying a premium theme might look more tempting to make your website stand out but using the free WordPress themes is not a bad idea unless it has must have basic features for WordPress theme you are looking for. Free WordPress themes are faster to access and use than the premium themes. Free themes are a great option if you are just a startup or if your budget is tight.

Free WordPress themes are also easy to browse and install. Unlike premium themes which you can only purchase from theme shops or marketplaces. 

WP Theme Bundle

Just a tip: If you don't want to go for the free WordPress themes. You can always go for the premium themes, which you can get for $40 each. But if you want to buy more themes, there's a WordPress offer called WordPress Theme Bundle. With WP Theme Bundle you can get a bundle of 58+ premium themes for only $99 only!!! 

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